Konstrukce-Brno (Designing Office Of Brno) is a businessmen association residing in Brno (Czech republic) alive since 1992 (by virtue of the Treaty of Association §829 of the Civil Code)

Sphere of activity is defined as design in a field of machinery, both strenth and structural analysis calculations. Preferred are both pipeline and fumeduct systems (distribution of air, combustion products and/or other media namely in powerstation and heating plants, cement works, and all that jazz). Further activities are aiming to the elaboration of technical and technological plans design, all this be particularly focused onto the manufacture of building and lining materials and/or pottery industry, brickmaking and china clay washing.

Regarding the fact that all members of this Association were engaged in cognate fields before the year 1989, our skills are to be taken for excellent ones as it is reflected in our business results in general.

Each member of the Association is working in his own detached workroom. The task solution is shared via communication channels. Thanks to this way of cooperation the operating costs are markedly brought down. Due to this fact we are able to offer our products for attractive price in short delivery time. The Association assists all performable demands of the customer. Bilaterral treaty enables us to work out optimal solution. Majority of our customers cooperate with us repeatedly. So, due to this fact, we take it for granted, that just this phenomenon is the best testimonial of our work. If the number of job oders increases, more external co-workers are engaged.

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